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  • City Guard

    The City Guard is the domestic police force of the city of [[Aleswood]]. They are under the orders of the [[Chief Guard]], who is elected by the aristocracy. In general, the guard does a decent job at stopping minor crime. However, many guards wouldn' …

  • Red Lance

    Exactly what the Red Lance is a mystery. It's said that they are an elite force commanded directly by [[:duke-barnardict | the Duke]], but no one is entirely sure. Pretty much, if you see them, you'll probably die soon, if you haven't already.

  • Queffion the Augmenter

    Store in [[Aleswood]] that sells [[:everdry-towel | Everdry Towels]], as well as assorted other magical knick-knacks. Queffion may also be able to get "magical goods", for a fair price.

  • Duke Barnardict

    Duke Lucas Barnardict, son of [[Sir Draevus Barnardict]], is the current ruler of the city of [[Aleswood]]. Many consider to him to be very likable, and this may be the reason why his kingdom is flourishing due to trade. Resides in [[Castle Barnardict …

  • Vera

    Vera is the barkeep and owner of the [[Flying Pony]], a bar in the market district of [[Aleswood]]. She has big, white, curly hair and a crooked nose. She talks in an odd cockney accent.

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