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  • Duke Barnardict

    Duke Lucas Barnardict, son of [[Sir Draevus Barnardict]], is the current ruler of the city of [[Aleswood]]. Many consider to him to be very likable, and this may be the reason why his kingdom is flourishing due to trade. Resides in [[Castle Barnardict …

  • Nalarza

    Nalarza was elected as head of [[Oddingheath]] three years ago. As far as dwarves go, she is tall and quite athletic, and has auburn hair. Her duty is to oversee many aspects of the management of [[Oddingheath]]. She is the one to talk to to negotiate …

  • Talothiel

    He came to be the Archmage of [[Enohtur]]. He has long blonde hair, and is somewhat mean. It seems that he has a dislike for non-elves, and could care less about those outside of [[Enohtur]].

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